House Rules

Rules of Conduct and Game Rules


Out of Game Rules

1. Follow the instructions of the organizers (SL/ORGA).

2. “Stop!” in case of a dangerous situation: Game interruption, everyone stays calm and waits for further instructions. Can be called by any participant.

3. “Medic!” for a real “Out-Time” injury.

4. Combat only with LARP weapons – head and genital hits are prohibited.

In-Game Rules

Blast ‘Em! Rule for Ranged Combat


  • In SW, there is Bacta, a universal remedy.
  • In SW, there are perfect prosthetics.
  • In SW, there is a stun mode (let’s pretend everyone has it).
  • We have the victim rule.
  • LARP should ALWAYS be based on consensus.

    As a result: You don’t have to fear for your character, and NO ONE can impose anything on you that you don’t want. Focus on good play and always react appropriately.


  1. Anyone clearly hit is out. Stop shooting, go down, and don’t shoot, wave, or otherwise interfere with the fight from the ground. You no longer ignore multiple hits and then turn around to “pump” the other player.
  2. Follow-up shots are very unpleasant and not necessary.
  3. Armor has no effect on the combat action itself. However, after the combat action, those who wish can downgrade their wounds through the armor as minor.(IC explanation: The concentrated energy of the blaster bolt is so great that the body shuts down, and the character becomes unconscious.)
  4. If two players hit each other simultaneously, both are out.
  5. The HIT PLAYER decides where they were hit, how severely they are injured, and whether the blaster was set to stun or not. Accordingly, they can play out the consequences of the fight according to their game philosophy and mood.
  6. After the end of the scene or combat action, the HIT PLAYER comes back to consciousness, unless they choose character death. They transition to a neutral scene and do not immediately start a new combat action or intervene in a parallel one.
  7. For minor deviations, assume it’s a misunderstanding, don’t interrupt the game situation, be the bigger being, and grant the other their moment. Explain it in-game with a faulty blaster, grazing shot, etc.

This eliminates all problems for the future. Fights are fair and fast, in-game logical and understandable, according to the logic set in the movies, etc., and thus meeting player expectations. There are no cardboard-cutout moments, and tactical elements such as cover, surprise, distance, numerical advantage, etc., are taken into account. Players can quickly get back into the game and generate beautiful healing roleplay. Everyone wins.

PS: There is no Beskar 😉