Our Vision

Our Vision of Shattered Horizon


The Overall Mood

We aim to bring the world of Star Wars to life. However, what exact mood are we trying to create?

In terms of seriousness, we draw inspiration from Episode VI, Rogue One, and The Mandalorian. So, it’s the more serious side of the setting with dark facets, but not a constant theme of death and despair. The hero stories in Star Wars always provide comic relief, and we don’t want to miss that in our setting either. Experiences that protagonists in the real world could only process with years of therapy (if at all) are brushed off with a hearty one-liner in the next scene.

This gives you the opportunity to play many more and much more intense scenes and conflicts without the fear of consequences hindering us from initiating such scenes in the first place. The victim rule and the Blast’Em rule also contribute to this, trusting that dealing with them will not be half-hearted. After an escalation, regulated conditions should be restored, no spirals of violence and revenge campaigns.

“What, he survived a point-blank headshot? Oops, looks like the blaster was still set to stun.”

Shattered Horizon is explicitly not intended to be a LARP where we explore the darkest depths of war, the horror of survival, or similar themes. There are other LARPs with more suitable settings for that.

(But beware, comic relief is not the same as slapstick.)

We trust that the participants are good players and can shape and support the game without the need for hand-holding 🙂

Very important: We do not dictate how intensively and consistently participants should portray their drama, character, or wounded play. We simply provide a guideline that we have in mind.

Life on the Forest Moon of Endor

The moon with the resonant name IX3244-A is located in the Outer Rim, and in the Outer Rim, life is tough and the law is far away. Characters who come to this place must have a good motivation. You don’t come here for a vacation or just to drop by. Everyone knows: It’s dangerous here. Flora & fauna, bandits, criminal gangs, mercenaries, and military forces converge here, driven by greed. The security situation is accordingly.

But this doesn’t mean that only fighter characters are welcome at Shattered Horizon. If you feel your character doesn’t fit here and you can’t come up with a good excuse for their presence – let us know. We’ll find one quickly 🙂

Plot and Game Design

Our plot is focused on individual players and small groups. So, you don’t need to gather into power blocs beforehand. This is partly due to the technical and spatial constraints on-site.

You will only be able to tackle many game offerings in small groups (5-6), and it is explicitly our goal to connect you with each other here. For example: You plan a mission and need a medic. You plan a space flight and need a pilot. And so on.

So: Don’t stress about putting together a perfect adventurer group. The smaller and more imperfect the team, the better. Come as you are.

The goal is to enable as many of you as possible to have a series of memorable game scenes. And especially to provide a stage for great scenes for less conspicuous characters and more introverted players. No one should disappear into insignificance in the shadow of a large group. If you play a very powerful character or leader, please keep this in mind even more.