Style Guide

Style Guide for our Star Wars LARP: Costumes and Props

The fascinating galaxy of Star Wars offers an almost endless variety of characters, from imperial stormtroopers and rebels of the Alliance to the colorful inhabitants of exotic planets. Therefore, it is impossible to compile a comprehensive style guide. There are no clear features that one could clearly define as “appropriate” or “inappropriate,” as is the case with historical representation, for example. And for every standard that could be derived, there are also plenty of exceptions.

When creating Star Wars costumes, it is still important to preserve the authentic look and unique flair of the saga. Here are some general guidelines that can apply to various characters. They are to be understood more as guidelines than as clear specifications.

One of the general pillars of the Star Wars world that often comes to mind during design processes and is helpful:
“The galaxy invokes a child-like sense of wonder.”

A very good source is also the extras in the background of the films and series!

If you are ever unsure whether an idea is heading in the right direction, contact us and/or the community; we are happy to advise you!

If you are unsure how to best implement an idea: Contact us and/or the community; we are happy to advise you!

If you are unsure whether your character fits the event,: Contact us; we will try to find a solution.

Power Level

Our power level and the level of threat are situated in the low to medium range. Mandalorians, Force users, etc., please contact us before registration so that we can coordinate characters and plots with each other.

Military and Ranks

The highest rank for player characters (SCs) is Lieutenant (LT). Faction-leading characters hold the rank of Captain (CPT).

Hard No-No’s


We believe that lightsabers can provide an immersive player experience for participants only in very specific situations. For example, at night, with some distance from the viewer, with a fog machine, in a (partial) choreographed fight of significant importance.

As such situations are impossible to create in free play, we have decided to prohibit players from wielding lightsabers for the sake of better immersion for everyone.

The world-building, storytelling, and the threat situation are aligned with the ordinary people who make up the majority of the galaxy’s population. Accordingly, there are no Forceusers at Shattered Horizon. Note: Your character can, of course, be Force-sensitive.

Hero Items:

This includes clearly recognizable, unique, and personal items such as Boba Fett’s armor, Lord Vader’s helmet, etc. This should be clear.


General Guidelines:


Typical Star Wars clothing follows clear lines. This is often emphasized by additional elements such as square cargo pockets. Quilted elements, vests, and high shaft boots are also frequently used.

However, there are origins and species that lean more towards traditional clothing from various parts of the world (e.g., Near, Middle, and Far East), as well as the past. From Asian martial arts clothing to Tibetan attire, much is possible, depending on the character.

Greeblies, small technical elements (usually without a clear function) on clothing, also contribute to an alien and futuristic appearance.

Avoid too many visible fasteners like buttons and zippers. Also, avoid clearly recognizable modern clothing from the real world (Adidas stripes, etc.). Jeans fabric is also inappropriate.

For ordinary galaxy inhabitants, orient yourself towards cuts and materials that existed in the last century up to the 80s.



Military equipment from World War I to the 80s can be used but should never be worn uniformly. For example, no complete gear, but elements from different times, nations, and materials combined.

Avoid modern tactical gear like Molle pouches and plate carriers. Pouches with a clear line, smooth surface, and Velcro closure are, however, okay in limited quantities.


Imperial Elegance and Precision:

There isn’t much to say about the Empire. That’s the beauty of uniform standards 🙂 However, keep in mind that we are playing on a harsh world after the fall of the Empire. Weathering or equipment adjustment in the spirit of “Imperial Remnant” is explicitly welcome.

Alliance of the Rebels: Improvisation and Diversity


  • Experiment with different fabrics and textures to capture the improvised style of the rebels.
  • Pick up familiar elements. For headgear, this could be, for example, the donut helmet of the Endor Commando soldiers, the winter cap of the Hoth soldiers, or the steel helmets of the Pathfinders from Rogue One. This applies to all distinctive equipment items.
  • Emphasize individuality; rebels often wear modified uniforms.



  • Avoid too much order; rebellious characters should have a touch of chaos in their appearance.
  • Don’t overdo the optimization; perfectionist details don’t fit the improvised style of the rebels.


Galactic Civilians and Aliens: Creativity and Diversity


  • Be creative in combining different styles and cultures from the Star Wars galaxy.
  • Integrate individual accessories and jewelry to emphasize your civilian character’s personality.
  • Aliens and droids are especially welcome; emphasize their unique features and technologies.



  • Avoid stereotypes; be inspired, but avoid direct copies of well-known characters.
  • Don’t overdo it with too many conspicuous elements; maintain a balance between creativity and a credible, everyday look.