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Shattered Horizon: Core Info

  • Address

    Thüringer Hütte
    Rother Kuppe 3
    97647 Hausen

  • Date

    29.03. - 01.04.2024
    (Early Arrivals 28.03.)
    Arrival 08:00 - 17:00h
    Game Start 18:00h

  • Costs

    PC: From 130€
    NPC: 80€
    Payment via PayPal ONLY.

  • Free Spots

    Up to 100 Attendees, 18 years+.
    Children by arrangement.
    Animals by arrangement.

Our Star Wars LARP

The Location

Heated buildings, bunk beds, fixed toilets and showers, high-speed internet and WiFi. There are 70 beds; beyond that, you must use your own camping beds.


Please plan for self-catering initially. We may offer partial catering as an option. We will provide more details later.

Your Character

The event is focused on down-to-earth concepts with low power levels. Exotic aliens and droids, portrayed convincingly, are especially celebrated.


1. Don't be an asshole
2. You can only do in game what you can do out of game
3. Victim's Rule
4. Our House Rules
5. Common Sense

Fights / Weapons

We represent melee weapons as usual with padded weapons. Blasters are represented by modified NERF/Dart blasters that shoot darts (long/short). All toy weapons must visually fit into the Star Wars setting. You are responsible for the safety of your equipment.


Trade, diplomacy, spaceship (simulator), intrigues, treasure hunts, puzzles, and battles await you! The location will be enhanced with decorations and special effects.

The Backstory

The GALACTIC EMPIRE has been defeated! After the Battle of Endor, the REBEL ALLIANCE establishes a military exclusion zone in the system of the same name. The fragments of the destroyed battle station are too dangerous, forming a dense debris field in the orbit of the forest moon.
For months, swarms of shooting stars have adorned the night sky of the moon. However, not everything burns up upon entering the atmosphere. The strongest stars are said to have hearts of Kyber – and that’s exactly what has been raining down on the moon for months.
The hard-fought victory poses significant challenges for the NEW REPUBLIC. Soon, the troops cannot be spared to maintain the exclusion zone, and the system is opened under strict security measures. The recovery of valuable KYBER for the New Republic is released to civilian companies. The dream of quick wealth triggers a veritable Kyber Rush.
Entrepreneurs, fortune seekers, and all kinds of riffraff flock to the remote system. Among them are smugglers who want to sell the Kyber to their shady employers. They bypass the administrative authority of the New Republic, which desperately tries to maintain law and order. Mercenaries are hired to ensure the safety of the treasure hunters, as some have already disappeared without a trace in the dense forests. Former Imperial personnel mans the relay station Tantal-3. Essential is the approach control that safely guides incoming and outgoing ships through the debris field. But has the Imperial dream really extinguished in their minds?
Like Massiffs fighting over a dead Bantha, the bravest and most reckless of the galaxy quarrel over the corpse of the Death Star. And everyone wants their piece of the pie.

Over 70 years of experience

Your Orga



Vision & Game Design
  • SciFi, PostApo

20 years in LARP



Infrastructure & Spaceships
  • DragonflyOrga, Nassau

15 years in LARP



Registration & Ticket Management
  • Heerlager, Westward

20 years in LARP



Logistics & Structures
  • Epic Empires, PostApo

16 years in LARP

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The factions

New Republic

It is done! Across the galaxy, celebrations abound as the Emperor has been defeated, and victory has been achieved. Now, it's time to finally live the dream! Expel the last remnants of the Empire from the galaxy and heal the wounds. Easier said than done. However, the implementation...

The power vacuum created by the fall of the Empire seeks to be filled—ideally by what calls itself the "New Republic"! Yet, imperial warlords are sprouting like mushrooms, and criminal syndicates smell their chance. The New Republic is a house of cards, and you're helping to keep it from collapsing again.

Help, build, take action. Mediate. Compromise. That's what everyday life looks like now. Maintaining the balance between freedom and control—not like the Empire! And staying vigilant, as old and new dangers still lurk...

Play a character who aligns with the New Republic and implements the vision: Keep rising crime and rebellious Imperials in check. Support representatives of the New Republic in their missions.

Imperial Remnants (FULL)

"On your knees, hands behind your head!" The shock of the exploding Death Star still runs deep. You knew people there, whose lives were now etched into the firmament above Endor. The grand vision of the Empire obliterated by the Rebels. Disarmed and humiliated, the imperial emblem is taken from you.

You've already calculated your chances: probationary service or war captivity. Since you're still alive, you've likely made your choice. But did you really have a choice? In the "service" of the New Republic, under watchful eyes, you continue your activities from before, realizing that without the Empire, there will never be order.

Has your own vision of the Empire dissolved along with the Death Star? Or does the desire for order and peace in the galaxy still faithfully reside in your heart?

Play your imperial character under the yoke of the New Republic, torn between probationary service and rebellion.

Raider (NPC)

The Kanjiklub gang keeps the population of Makacheesa Creek on edge. Becoming a member of Kanjiklub is not for small-time crooks. The renowned gang recruits those who have already made a name for themselves on the streets through various actions, usually involving excessive use of violence.

Why bother mining Kyber when you can simply take it from those who have already done the dirty work? Kanjiklub is on Endor for quick money, without regard for consequences.

As an NPC, create an intense threat for the players with your team. Often outnumbered, your goal is to use the element of surprise, launch intelligent ambushes, acquire Kyber, and disappear as quickly as you appeared. In doing so, provide cool action and, above all, a good show.

Mining Guild

Wherever there's something valuable to be mined, the Mining Guild has its hands in the game. It employs primarily engineers, scientists, and prospectors but also boasts proverbial armies of bureaucrats and accountants, as well as literal armies of security personnel. Well-connected, the Mining Guild must extend its influence from the highest levels of government on Coruscant to the remotest local bureaucracies to maintain its mining rights across the galaxy.

In this way, the Mining Guild has become a megacorporation of colossal proportions. While the Endor system is an overall relatively minor recycling operation, it allows for the extraction of significant, if limited, quantities of two valuable resources: Kyber and Doonium, used in the construction of military ship hulls, including those of the Death Star and the Super Star Destroyer Executor.

Nevertheless, the true reason for the Mining Guild's interest in the small system lies in politics. With the lifting of the blockade and the withdrawal of troops, a power vacuum has emerged in a system with significant symbolic importance. It would be a shame to let such an opportunity pass. Thus, the Mining Guild has gone to great lengths to secure exclusive mining rights and establishes the mining operation Endor.

As a member of the Mining Guild, you are a fortune seeker, scientist, or mercenary at the forefront of resource extraction, ensuring that the legitimate, exclusive claim of the Mining Guild is enforced. This claim is jeopardized by bandits and, especially, the smugglers of the syndicates.

Syndicate (FULL)

"As it became apparent that the committee would lift the blockade around Endor, the greedy Mining Guild, with its lobbyists on Coruscant, showered the corrupt and arrogant senators of the New Republic with credits until they practically had no other choice than to grant these sleemos exclusive rights to salvage the wreckage and the lost Kyber. Well played, you have to give them that. But, thanks to the Force! I'd rather duel with an IG unit than miss the opportunity to make our cut there. Therefore, I'm sending you as my representative to the forest moon of Endor. Smugglers and peddlers know that the real profit is made with the syndicate, not with the Mining Guild or even the New Republic. When you speak there, I speak through you. Let there be no doubt about who really rules in this sector."

-Leader of Crimson Dawn

The forest moon of Endor promises lucrative deals away from authorities and law enforcement. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the new hot stuff is happening on Endor. And Crimson Dawn is already on it, from what you hear. So, suit up (in your combat suit), today is your lucky day. Smugglers, gang members, gangsters, criminals, and other valuable members of the civilized population of the New Republic, if you can even call it that in the Outer Rim, flock to Endor like buzz droids to turbolasers. What was it with those furry creatures anyway? Never mind. Credits are lying on the street.

Play a character with criminal ambitions: Rough play in the shark tank with other gangsters, deliver to the syndicate bosses, sneak past and hide from lawkeepers, lie and cheat, always with the danger of getting caught in something...


If you spend enough time in the cantinas of the Outer Rim, you develop a kind of sixth sense over time. You start to recognize patterns in the apparent chaos of dark establishments. Conversations that suddenly shift from the bar to a secluded corner. Trends in the directions ships are departing. A concentration of specific equipment. Those who see such patterns can easily figure out who to buy a spotchka for to get a hot tip - or the daydream of a blissfully stranded soul:

"It's spreading everywhere: In the Endor system, or rather on this little moon, that's where the big money falls from the sky. Kyber, kid! Damn rare since the Empire stripped everything for those Death Stars - One good find, and you're set for life. I'd fly there myself if I were 10 years younger. But let me tell you, hothead: Better pack a good blaster. The Mining Guild and the syndicates are sending their people there too, and I have a feeling in my tentacle tips that it's going to get damn crowded on that moon soon. Team up with like-minded folks if you have to - but trust no one!"

Rarely is there a spark of truth behind the stories - then it's especially important to be quick. Because whoever hesitates is not the first at the loot. And that's why the successful ones in the Outer Rim are often the bold, the hotheads, and the reckless.

Play an independent character trying to make a living amidst the power struggles of major factions. Stay independent, dedicate yourself to a cause, or play others against each other. Perhaps your conscience gets in the way, and something else proves more important than money...